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Big Data Analytics

CIOReview Magazine selected Blue Canopy as a “Most Promising Big Data Company” on Big Data 100 list. The publication highlighted the top Big Data companies, “at the forefront of optimally tackling the real explosion in Big Data volumes, variety, and complexity”

Big Data Pltform GraphicBig Data is no longer just a trend focused on a single technology or storage solution; it has become an integral challenge of managing business information. Blue Canopy can help you find the right strategy and tools to tackle Big Data challenges. Our client-focused thought leaders and innovators offer a unique, holistic and collaborative approach featuring Big Data innovations and Data Analytics solutions to enable smart, effective data-driven decisions across your enterprise.

Big Data Technology Innovation
Big Data’s value lies in driving and delivering analytic resources and relevant information to the end user; providing readily available data to the right people at the right time.  Blue Canopy provides our clients with a proven Big Data Architecture framework, implementation methodology, and platform tools to enable anyone to rapidly experience the benefit of this powerful high value analytical capability.

Big Data Architecture
Both small and large organizations need low cost, highly flexible Big Data solutions now.  Our tailorable and flexible designs are compliant with the latest collaborative architecture visions and deployable on any environment to include commodity hardware or commercial cloud. 

Big Data Capability Now
Blue Canopy leveraged our advanced architecture and methodology to quickly build and deploy a cutting-edge Big Data capability for one of the largest Federal Law Enforcement domains.

Full integration of open source existing HW and SW components to build, accredit, and field in only a few months. The new environment saves agents thousands of hours of effort to generate leads based on analysis of multi-source historical data.

Big Data Platform as a Service (PaaS) Implementation
The essence of Data Analytics is to merge multiple data sets and types into a common, secure data layer accessible to multiple types of analytical tools to best address specific use cases. Blue Canopy Big Data platforms include features which enable plug-and-play of the latest open source and commercial analytical tools at the software as a service (SaaS) layer as well near instant ingest of new structured, unstructured or hybrid data types.

  • The Blue Canopy schema-based ETL  allows rapid batch and streaming ingest of any data type regardless of source or format
  • Fully compatible with IT Enterprise services such as Active Directory, security, or logging services
  • Horizontally scalable to fully leverage the power of Cloud environments

Available bolt-on analytics provide enhanced capability such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), Geocoding/Geospatial, and Complex Event Processing

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