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Electronic Content Management

Agile Content management GraphicAvailable as both Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) – the Blue Canopy Electronic Content Management (ECM) solution is an architectural framework and set of best-in-breed tools and technologies to help you automate, secure, and manage massive amounts of unstructured data. It is very common to waste time hunting for a document that we know exists, but cannot remember where the file is stored.

Even worse, we risk losing intellectual property when documents are stored on hard drives.  Blue Canopy can help you organize, classify, manage, and secure documents and data using a success-based intuitive approach to electronic filing and document management:

  • Collaboration and Content Management Solution (CMS) Our collaborative CMS allows you to create secure “shared workspaces,” set up online meetings, perform white-boarding, and collect and store project documents and version control with tracking.  An entire team can work digitally off the same master document, allowing the simultaneous creation of content by multiple authors across a network-based infrastructure 
  • Workflow Automation – Our Workflow Automation solution helps clients regain control of their business process by linking together workflow elements and increasing the speed, visibility, and coordination by which work gets done. Communication is fostered as priorities and timelines are linked across, and even between, organizations, enabling workloads to be shared and efficiently managed.  Managers can quickly see the status of a process and can identify roadblocks, resources constraints, and opportunity for process improvement. 
  •  Sharepoint Solutions Successful use of MS SharePoint requires careful planning, management and ongoing governance.  Our team of experts helps harness SharePoint’s power through training, site creation, and workflow set up.    
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