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Health Care Community Involvement

Medical Research

FluNadaNew Product Development - Blue Canopy’s involvement in the health industry extends beyond serving as a business consulting and IT services organization. Blue Canopy supports its sister company, FluTrends International Corporation, to achieve its mission to reduce the threat of influenza within a decade. The company has developed an anti-viral nose and throat spray with a unique action mechanism. As such, FluTrends, under the leadership of CEO Brad Schwartz, has conducted medical research, filed and received a patent for its research efforts, completed laboratory testing to validate safety and efficacy, and is currently in pilot manufacturing using GMP for product release in April 2011. 

Dr. Steve Schwartz

Dr. Steve W. Schwartz, Blue Canopy’s Chief Medical Officer has over 35 years of experience applying IT to solve health care issues. He has been a practicing physician for over 20 years, and has been Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and lead developer for a healthcare IT company developing practice management software and backup and recovery software for medical imaging. He is currently working with NIH/ National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) on validating the efficacy of an antiviral nasal and throat spray that he patented in 2009. With NIH, Dr. Schwartz is supporting mice and ferret clinical trials for infectious disease and is working with the University of Virginia to develop a protocol for human clinical trials.

NIAID Influenza Antiviral Research Pipeline 2011 Workshop - In March 2011, Dr. Steve Schwartz and  Dr. James Bernstein of FluTrends International were invited to participate in NIH’s two day NIAID Influenza Antiviral Research Pipeline 2011 Workshop. The agenda covered Discovery Stage – New Approaches, Drug Targets and Mechanisms of Action; Proof of Principle Stage – in Vivo Challenge Models for Therapeutics Evaluation; Late Pre-Clinical Development to First-in-Man Safety Studies;  and Advanced Clinical Development.

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