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Manage Complex Programs

While it has always been important to successfully manage programs, in today’s environment with tighter budgets and even more oversight and scrutiny, it becomes critical to deliver on every promise made. So, how do you manage complex programs in an environment with increasingly complex and dynamic partner relationships, unstable budgets, shifting threats and evolving requirements? At Blue Canopy, our professionals focus on Governance, Performance Management, Technology Alignment and Operational Process Excellence, while ensuring the Team responsible for execution have the skills and expertise to deliver. By taking a holistic approach, we help organizations validate and communicate requirements to ensure alignment throughout the organization; share architecture data across communities and ensure proper access to data; deliver component-based requirements and architectures; consistently manage multiple projects, systems or portfolios; and keep up with changing requirements by creating flexible programs that reflect changes in mission dynamics.

DHS Operations Community Model
Helping you achieve success is a task that is never finished. Our professionals have the experience, proven methods and tools and industry insight to be highly relevant to you mange complex programs.

Cabability_based_solutionsBLUE CANOPY’S CAPABILITY BASED SOLUTIONS STREAMLINES THE PROCESS TO TRANSLATE COMPLEX REQUIREMENTS INTO ACHIEVABLE OUTCOMES - Capabilities Based Solutions (CBS) is a new way to solve the age-old problem of how to develop IT applications when the requirements are changing faster than the release cycles and the field teams need real means to address the dynamic threat. CBS does this by translating requirements into needed capabilities that are mapped into outcomes to be delivered. Throughout our process, we empower users, accelerate delivery and deployment time, and increase the organization’s agility as it now has the inherent capability to respond to future contingencies.

ImplementationBLUE CANOPY’S IT COST-TAKE OUT SERVICES OPTIMIZES THE SPEND – How do you manage complex programs when your budgets are continually under assault or you are forced to cut 10% for the next three years without sacrificing any mission performance? You need a plan. We can help develop that plan by focusing on identifying and implementing cost-take out initiatives that ensure the organization is spending its budget in the most mission effective way possible. Partnering with your organization, we implement a 5 step process to establish target savings, analyze performance to identify potential savings, identify opportunities within programs and across the enterprise, rank opportunities, execute cost saving initiatives and monitor desired results.

Blue Canopy partners with your organization to implement a holistic Earned Value Management Office (EVMO™) which focuses on aligning your processes, people, and technology with the ANSI/EIA-748 compliance standards. Whether you need a fully compliant EVMO™ solution or an “EVMO Lite” Solution that satisfies the intent to improve program management predictability without all the rigor and administrative burden of having to comply with the 32 ANSI criteria, we can tailor a solution that is responsive and cost effective to your needs. Once implemented, the EVMO assimilates the data from across the various projects and programs and enables top-down governance capability, thus ensuring true enterprise portfolio management (EPM) visibility across all your projects.


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