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Prepare the Warfighter

preparing the warfighterPreparing the U.S. Armed Forces to operate and act against an overtly hostile force is essential to military success and our Nation’s security. We bridge the gap between technology and business performance to expertly train the U.S. Military in human terrain reading, cross-cultural engagement, and situational awareness, preparing them for unconventional contact with an organized enemy force.

Warfighter Training Solutions

• Effective Opposing Force armed with realistic training weapons
• Former SF personnel leading OPFOR element

Human Terrain Reading
• Use of interpreter training
• Bilateral negotiations training
• Cultural awareness and sensitivity training
• Cross cultural engagement

We have masterfully combined all elements of the modern battlefield into a model training environment accommodating individual, collective, and unit requirements while using live, virtual, and simulated theaters of war. We can create and sustain realistic scenarios to prepare Warfighters for real world situations, provide authentic interactions with in-country personnel, and address cultural challenges native to the target environment. Our Warfighter training has literally resulted in saved lives – the ultimate measure of our success!

Blue Canopy Warfighter Training offers:

  • Asymmetrical Advantage – A well prepared Warfighter and support units using better technology that executes a battle-winning process
  • Actionable Information - Converting data and intelligence into action that makes an impact
  • Agile Execution – Flexibility to adapt to changing threats and dynamic mission environments


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