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Secure the Enterprise

Security attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and the threats to systems and data continue to grow. The traditional attack areas have been effectively countered – firewalls protect internal networks, anti-virus software and regular security patches protect operating systems. However, data is no longer easily protected inside the walls of the organizational castle. Concurrently, globalization, virtualization, mobile application adoption and outsourcing to the cloud are opening up new avenues for attack.

Whether you are Attacking or Defending, peace of mind comes from knowing the Enterprise is secure and you are armed with smart people, great technology/tools, along with quality process execution.

A critical functionality of security program management is the ability to provide an overview of the actual state of security for not just specific components and applications, but also the organization as a whole. Blue Canopy offers a comprehensive set of Cyber Security services as its solution to Securing the Enterprise. We provide a practical approach to ensuring security risks are within acceptable boundaries and that the mission is never compromised. Protecting sensitive information from corporate espionage, criminal hackers and other security breaches requires an information security model that mitigates risk. At Blue Canopy, we focus on the challenge of protecting, discovering and analyzing the trusted information assets of your organization.


Program Management - Align business and technical requirements to organizational risk appetite and compliance requirements.

Threat & Risk Assessment - Understand your security posture and the effectiveness of your processes.

Vulnerability Assessment - Systematically identify points of exposure to reduce your attack surface.

Software Assurance - Identify and remediate vulnerabilities in security critical applications.

Performance Measurement - Use metrics to support early intervention and active threat identification leveraging Blue Canopy’s 4pi™ Solution Framework.

Incident Response/Forensics - Identify and contain incidents to reduce exposure and impact.

Identity & Access Management - Use adaptive authentication and multimodal solutions to provide access to systems and information in a secure manner.

Privacy/Data Protection - Identify and protect PII and mission critical information assets.

Certification & Accreditation - Efficient and effective C&A in accordance with FISMA, OMB Circulars, NIST, DOD 8500, DIACAP and agency-specific policies.

Secure Application Development - Leverages integrated testing methods and technologies to produce high-assurance applications.


Global-incidents-dashboardContinuous Monitoring - Blue Canopy’s structured approach to assisting organizations in establishing a Continuous Monitoring program integrates existing technologies with next generation solutions, reengineers established processes to address new guidelines and institutes governance to promote accountability. We leverage experience, established methodologies and proven tools to transform risk management organizations into sustainable and effective programs aligned with today’s environment of increasing threats and demanding compliance requirements.

Cyber Attack Simulation - Effective cyber security is not just a technical problem; it requires integrated People, Process, and Technology solutions to computer, information, and network defense. During Red Team exercises, Blue Canopy’s Computer Network Attack (CNA) experts utilize techniques, tactics and procedures (TTP) developed by malicious actors, organized crime and nation states to simulate attacks in order to test the effectiveness of security controls. Our complementary Blue Team exercises test the effectiveness of cyber security programs by actively simulating real-life defensive scenarios. During a Blue Team exercise, network security teams gain a better understanding of how processes may fail, where limitations of skill may pose risk, or when the use of advanced tools would add value.

Security Critical Application Enablement - Detecting and eliminating security vulnerabilities in software requires a combination of processes, tools and training. Blue Canopy has a full service offering to identify application security vulnerabilities, understand application portfolio risk, and integrate secure development products, processes and training. We use a modular approach to secure development that minimizes disruption to system designers, developers and management while providing a framework for incremental improvement in security and quality. 


  • Future-proof your organization against evolving threats and increasing vulnerabilities
  • Use planning to proactively define requirements and identify controls
  • Identify risk areas and determine the effectiveness of controls through continuous and focused assessments
  • Apply effective monitoring to detect and respond to incidents and areas of non-compliance
  • Implement and maintain preventive and detective controls
  • Increase transparency, improve visibility, ensure accountability and provide actionable intelligence for mission-critical decision support
  • Align business and technical requirements with organizational risk appetite and tolerance
  • Maintain compliance with Government regulations, policies, mandates and guidance

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