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Security Engineering & Innovation

Security Engineering Innovation GraphicWe combine security experience, innovation and the industry’s top engineers and professionals to create solutions that focus on today’s most pressing cyber security challenges and needs. Core cyber security principles are incorporated from day one of design development, allowing us to integrate technology embedded with cyber security and compliance checkpoints, and perform testing to identify critical threats and risks before they occur:

  • Cyber Security Engineering of Attack and Prevention, Detection and Response Solutions
  • Cyber Security Technology Evaluation and Prototyping
  • Virtual Cyber Security Datacenter Implementation
  • Malware Analysis, Eradication, and Reverse Engineering
  • Cyber Attack Simulation/Penetration Testing

Cyber Security Success
Blue Canopy provided program-wide risk assessment for the $250M enterprise IT program of a federal security agency. We analyzed likelihood of threats and impacts of risks and prepared comprehensive risk mitigation plans.

Proactive risk monitoring and transparency led to developing a risk register highlighting almost 500 potential vulnerabilities that provided improved decision making on program risks.

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