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SITE Capabilities

SITE logoBlue Canopy delivers mission relevant, innovative solutions. Our approach includes solutions already proven at DIA and introduces other solutions with demonstrated success supporting other Intelligence Community missions. The technologies include platforms for cross domain file sharing, converting data and information into actionable intelligence, performance management workflow and dashboard automation for metrics based process measurement, and improved sustainability and resilience with Green Technology. Our solutions promote information sharing with SOA and Web 2.0 collaboration tools, reduce cost through virtualization or cloud automation, improve analytical performance with High Performance Computing solutions, and provide the tools for responding to the evolving threat landscape with solutions for securing the enterprise.

SITE Task Areas

Program & Project Management Services (Task Area 1) Services include: Project Management and Planning, Service Level Management, Performance Management, Metrics and Earned Value, Business Process Improvement, Customer Outreach and Relationship Management, and Quality Assurance.

Technology Assessment and Evaluation Services (Task Area 2) Services include: Conducting Research Development Test and Evaluation (RDT&E) activities identifying new and emerging technologies for potential insertion for current and future program requirements.

Systems Engineering (Task Area 3) Services include: Application/Tool/Service Development, Application Management, Technical Documentation, Software Engineering and Integration, Development and Release Management, Development Testing, Infrastructure Engineering, Systems Architecture and Next Generation Architecture Planning.

Operations Support Services (Task Area 4)
Services include: Service Desk, Operations and Maintenance of Hardware and Software, Installation and Deployment, Incident Management, Problem Management, Systems Administration, Database Management, Configuration/Change Management, IT Services Continuity, Operations and Maintenance of Conferencing Capabilities, Communications Security Support, Data Center and Equipment Room IT Management.

Network Operations and Administration (Task Area 5)
Services include: Network and System Performance Monitoring and Analysis, Cable Installation, Testing, Troubleshooting and Management, Network Operations and Capacity Management, Voice, Secure Voice, Video and VoIP Operations, Tactical SATCOM Initialization, and Operations and Management.

Storage Services (Task Area 6)
Services include: Enterprise Storage Services, Disaster Recovery Program and Business Continuity, Storage Management, and Storage Support.

Web Services and Content Management (Task Area 7)
Services include: Web Services Management, Web Content Management, and Web System Development.

Acquisition and Property Management Services (Task Area 8) Services include: Acquisition of Materials, Logistical Support and Inventory Management Services.

Maintenance and Remote Diagnostic Services (Task Area 9) Services include: Maintenance Services, Remote Diagnostic Tools and Services.

Administrative and Special Services (Task Area 10)
Services include: Administrative IT Support, Outside Technical Support Services, Over and Above (O&A) Services in accordance with DFARs 252.217-7028, Surge Support Services and Deployment Support Services.

Information Assurance (Task Area 11)
Support includes the range of activities needed for the enterprise to enforce, comply with, and support the DoD and Intelligence Community (lC) Information Assurance (IA) security directives, policies and procedures.

Security Management (Task Area 12)
Services for the Special Security Office (SSO) include SCI technical support, security analysis, physical security accreditation, technical security oversight, security policy analysis, and assisting government personnel during Technical Security Countermeasure surveys.

SCI Personnel and Information Security Support (Task Area 13) Services for personnel and information security support include SCI indoctrinations/debriefings, providing and tracking foreign travel briefings and debriefings of SCI cleared personnel, coordinating the transfer of SCI clearances to other Special Security Offices, developing and providing security training, and maintaining SCI Visitor Certification logs.

Risk Management (Task Area 14)
Services involve assessing and reporting on risk when encountered throughout the execution of any task order. Risk management will be directed towards assessing, mitigating (to an acceptable level) and monitoring of risks.

Testing and Verification Services (Task Area 15)
Support includes enterprise independent testing activities for system, application and service-oriented IT functions and working with functional users to ensure that user requirements and issues are addressed by the test processes.

Training Services (Task Area 16)
Services include designing, developing, and delivering training to Government or other designated personnel on systems hardware, and/or software.

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