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Integrate Mission and Enterprise Systems

Provide HQ and Field office IT support services spanning multiple technology related projects to include web-enabled workflow, web-enabled recruiting tool development, systems administration, .NET and JEE development and test.

In support of the Department of the Navy' initiative to create a Fusion Center to facilitate collaboration amongst multiple government entities, Blue Canopy is providing a broad range of IT support services to include JEE developers, testers, system administrators, DBA's and logisticians.
Blue Canopy supported the deployment of an IT Asset Management system. Supported requirements definition, systems selection and COTS implementation/customization for an IT Asset management systems.

Served as the technical lead integrator to define and develop the Discover America travel destination portal to stimulate tourism in the US. Site deployed in 5 languages. Application includes web portal front end, content management systems and RSS feed integration. Provided QA and test support.

Responsible for defining requirements, either selecting best of breed COTS products or developing custom applications and integrating/testing with the existing systems. Provide operational support for over 45+ applications.

Conducted requirements, assisted selection and installed/configured Tivoli software across multiple FBI sites for back up and storage management. Also serve as System Administration to the Data Center Unit (DCU) team.

Designed and built a multi-modal (fingerprints, IRIS, hardware tokens, or password) biometric middleware application for authentication, user provisioning and identity management in a cross platform environment.

For the world's largest purchasing authority in the Hospitality Industry, developed a scalable Purchasing Portal to integrate buyers with supplier catalogs to significantly lower the cost to procure good and services.

For the Federal Reserve, provided testers and network system engineers to complete the roll out of new applications and network infrastructure upgrades.

Completed business impact analysis (BIA) for eight business critical applications, developed business continuity plans (BCP) and developed a plan to expand the role of the BIA beyond DR planning. Nextel client was able to better assess the impact of operational outages.

For a $750 million EPA program, provide level 3 help desk support and network operational support for EPA's Novel and Window's network. Provide PKI, smart card and other authentication and authorizing services.

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