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Prepare the Warfighter

U.S. Marine Corps - Developed and Implemented Program of Instruction for pre-deployment training for USMC Military Transition Teams (MiTT) and Police Transition Teams (PTT) with a focus on engagement with locals (intercultural negotiations) and functions of the interpreter role.
Joint Special Operations Command - Conducted pre-deployment MRX training support in order to improve unit readiness when operating in simulated target environment. Rehearsed individual skills as well as mission critical cultural and negotiations approaches.

41st Brigade Combat Team, Oregon Army National Guard - Conducted several MRX and AT type events to prepare brigade/battalion size force for deployment to Iraq/Afghanistan. Developed required curriculums, and conducted Exercise control operations. Also utilized OPFOR elements and specialized hardware to replicate target environment(s).

101st Airborne Division, U.S. Army - Role playing and foreign language training. Organized, planned and executed simulated wartime effects including populating villages with role players and providing opposing force role players. Conducted Cultural Awareness and Local Language training.

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