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Why Blue Canopy

Reasons To Join Blue Canopy

1 - Fast Growing Entrepreneurial Company

Headquarted in Reston, Virginia, Blue Canopy is a fast growing, entrepreneurial company that allows all team members the unique opportunity to unleash their potential. As an integral member of the Blue Canopy team, you will be joining an exciting company with the knowledge that you are building a career with focus and are not just a number! We have experienced a tremendous amount of growth in just a few years and are energized about our current continued market momentum. But, don't take our word about our success - see what the market has to say about us:

  • Blue Canopy was recognized as the 2010 Government Contractor of the year by Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce.
  • Inc. Magazine has awarded Blue Canopy the prestigious Inc. 500 award two years running, recognizing us as one of the 500 fastest-growing privately held companies in the United States!
  • Washington Technology recognizes and ranks the top 50 fastest growing technology companies in the Washington Metropolitan area. Blue Canopy is recently recognized as Washington Technology Fast Track - 50 award recipient.
  • Top-tier customers including leading Public Sector Agencies, Fortune 1000, and Global 2000 firms consistently choose Blue Canopy as their partner to help solve their most complex technical and functional problems!
  • SAP - the world´s leading provider of business software - recently selected Blue Canopy to be a member of its exclusive Services Partner and Consulting Partner organization and invited us to be the first of only ten companies to join its newly formed Department of Defense (DoD) small business team!

Blue Canopy´s past successes, incredible talent, and visionary management have positioned it for unparalleled growth over the coming years. Don´t you want to be part of this?

2 - Dynamic Environment with Tremendous Growth

Blue Canopy was established in 2001 during challenging times in the marketplace. The original founders knew that in order to build a great company within the ever-changing market environment, agility and delivering the right solutions for our clients were paramount to success. Five years later, after 100% + growth year over year and part of the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing private companies two years in a row and running, our clients are looking at us as one of the premier Solutions Providers they can count on to deliver. By expanding our presence within the commercial and government spaces as well as expanding and fine-tuning our solutions offerings, Blue Canopy has become a premier IT and Performance Management company supporting numerous clients in various industries.

To continue to live up to our customers' high expectations, Blue Canopy only recruits the brightest and smartest people throughout the commercial and government sectors. To those great talents, Blue Canopy offers a dynamic environment where personal growth is encouraged and excellence rewarded. We are looking for you to join our team of one of the fastest growing companies in the country.

3 - Great Leadership with Strong Vision

From the first day, our motto was: "We can do it better..." Blue Canopy was founded by industry experts within the financial, telecommunications and automotive industries with solid consulting backgrounds. Blue Canopy 100% growth year over year is a tribute to the talent, expertise and complimentary skills of not only the founders of the company but each and every team member within Blue Canopy. In 2006, we welcomed Bradley Schwartz as our President and CEO. Previously responsible for a $3.4B organization at BearingPoint, Brad saw in Blue Canopy a company with a tremendous growth potential. Brad realized that Blue Canopy maintains a solid client base, and provides remarkable solutions and delivery capabilities. The next phase of our evolution to become a well-known brand name in the marketplace had begun. Having established numerous alliances and partnerships with Fortune 500 clients, Blue Canopy has set the springboard for tremendous growth in 2007 and beyond.

But, great leadership also comes from every single employee. At Blue Canopy, we encourage communication and provide the training and support needed to appropriately support our customers. Onsite team members are our media to understand and satisfy our client’s needs and expectations. By promoting leadership and responsibility at all levels, we are giving you the tools for a successful career.

4 - Commitment to Professional Growth

Members of the Blue Canopy team have incredible opportunities to progress in their careers. With the vast variety of services we provide our customers, the potential to learn and to advance is abundant.

At Blue Canopy, we understand that the key to our success is our people. As our most valuable asset, we are committed to you and the degree of success you desire to attain. The typical career progression at Blue Canopy is Analyst to Consultant, Senior Consultant to Associate, Manager to Senior Manager or Partner. Whatever level you enter the firm, you will find the possibilities endless. You can move up within the business unit you entered, shift to another segment or explore additional tracks within Blue Canopy.

You can also join the firm bringing your subject matter expertise and experiences from a practical applications or solutions perspective, rather than entering with an industry focus. You will have many opportunities to nurture your talents through training, development and team support--all designed to help you move forward as part of the Blue Canopy team.

The leadership of Blue Canopy has extensive experience growing companies and individuals. They have an open door policy to foster collaboration and constant mentorship to guide you along in your successes.

5 - Diverse Market and Marquee Clients

Through expertise and know-how strengthened by highly motivated and talented employees, Blue Canopy has won credibility and recognition by top firms across various industries.

In the government arena, we have worked with some of the most prestigious organizations within the Department of Defense, the Intelligence Community and various civilian agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency.

On the commercial side, we have participated to the success of companies in the financial industry (Bank of America, Capital One, Fannie Mae and Green Point Mortgage), the consulting industry (Accenture, CSC), the technology industry (AOL, Sprint, RSA Security, and Comcast) and companies with household names such as UPS, Toyota and AT&T.

This is just the beginning; we continue to expand our customer base by building on our employees' reputations and competences as well as constantly providing the best consulting services and technical expertise to our customers.

6 - Dedicated Employees

Blue Canopy is made up of several industry practices with multiple solutions, but in essence, we are a group of individuals working hard to deliver on our customers' needs.

Our team members help differentiate us from the competition. We work as a team: Partners, Management, Staff, Human Resources, Finance, Business Development, Recruiters, Technology Support and Administration. Our ability to work together to make our clients successful is a strong passion of Blue Canopy.

But, we understand that Blue Canopy is not for everyone. We are looking for talented people who have a strong desire and willingness to win in an ever-changing, competitive business environment. We have found that those who excel possess the following characteristics:

  • A desire to win and work with the very best
  • The persistence to work until the job is done
  • An exceptional academic preparation and the desire to learn more
  • The willingness to get involved and take action
  • The desire to lead and take the wheel
  • An ability to take initiative, assume responsibility and be held accountable for their actions
  • An unrelenting commitment to client and peer success

To sum it up, we are seeking future leaders who have the ability and are willing to stand up and make a difference, who will deliver solutions that our clients need and demand, who have a "can do" attitude and the passion to succeed and who care about what they do and the impact of their efforts.

7 - Great Work Environment

By promoting a diverse environment, Blue Canopy is a place where creativity, enthusiasm, innovation and excellence abound. In fact, Blue Canopy realized early the importance of diversity and how it provides the environment and culture necessary for employees to challenge and support each others.

At Blue Canopy, employees are considered the source of our success and, as such, we all benefit from individual attention. However, teamwork is critical for each of us to reach our full potential everyday. Consequently, teamwork is promoted throughout the company at all levels and between every single member of the team that constitutes Blue Canopy.

Diversity and teamwork are just two of the many facets that make Blue Canopy a great place to work. We encouraged our team to continuously look for improvement, achieve excellence, and provide Blue Canopy with constructive feedback. By empowering them, we give them the ability to make a difference and have an impact on Blue Canopy and our customers' successes.

8 - Recognition/Reward Program

Have you ever worked hard on something and invested days, weeks, or even months of your life in a project or client, only to have no one even say a simple "thank you?"

At Blue Canopy, you will be joining a team of dedicated and intelligent professionals with a passion for excellence and a corporate understanding that success triggers reward. For instance, team awards honor group performance for exemplary work. When most companies wait until the end of the year's performance cycle to show their appreciation to stellar overachievers, Blue Canopy asks "Why wait?" Instead, Blue Canopy offers Spot Rewards to individuals shortly after the conclusion of their remarkable achievement. The truth is, we love to recognize your successes and share the celebration with the whole company by communicating both team and personal triumphs during corporate meetings, newsletters, and informal company updates. When you succeed, we all win!

9 - We are a Equal Opportunity Employer

Blue Canopy Group, LLC will continue to provide equal employment opportunity to all qualified persons, and to recruit, hire, train, promote, and compensate persons in all jobs without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, disability, US Veteran status, or national origin. Blue Canopy will identify and analyze all areas of its employment process so as to further the principles of equal employment opportunity. Employment decisions in all areas are made on the basis of furthering the objective of equal employment.

Our continued success depends heavily on the full and effective utilization of qualified persons. To further the principle of equal employment opportunity, employment decisions will be based solely upon an individual's qualifications for the position to be filled. We have an enduring aspiration to hire and develop the best people we can find, not only because it is legally required but, because it is morally right and makes good business practice.

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